Friday, February 4, 2011

The last two weeks of my life!

The second Blog topic that we were told to start writing about today is "Describe in the last 1-2 weeks of your life as it pertains to the topic of entry #1"

Well for the last two weeks I have been in working on the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  In this production I play the role of Joseph. This show is the telling of the biblical story of Joseph and his eleven brothers who sell him into slavery and how Joseph's gift to to be able to explain dreams, puts him at the top of society.

It has been a huge challenge for me to be so flexible with the learning of the dances for this show. Even though I play the lead in the show, It's very important to have a good strong chorus in the show and I need to support them as well as they need to support me. Learning the music for this show has really not been a challenge at all, In fact I have been in the show three times before this as a chorus member. So on the first day of practice I walked in the door knowing 90% of my music, Which was very helpful to the music director.

I have tons of fun on stage in this show because there is a chorus of children, in which i constantly get to interact with! And it is impossible for the huge amount of excitement and energy that the kids have not to transfer to me! I just get the vibe and do my best because of them! It is going be a fantastic show! We open in two weeks!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Aspect of my life

Hello readers,
This is my very first blog.
For English Class we were told to blog about an aspect of my life so here it goes.

One of the biggest aspects of my life is that I have done Musical Theatre all of my life. I have been in more than 50 of them in lots of different roles from supporting characters to the leads of a show. It has always interested me since a was a kid because I was a show off and I knew that I needed to perform in front of a large crowd.  As soon as I started doing these Musicals I started to take vocal lessons to help give my self the advantage of being able to Sing and read music as much as possible at very young age.

Here is My list of Musicals I have been in as well as the year, and the Role that I Played 

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatChorus1998
Really RosieChicken Soup1998
Fiddler on the RoofChorus2000
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatChorus2000
OliverPick Pocket2001
Peter PanMicheal2002
Secret GardenCollin2003
Wizard of OzFlying Monkey2003
South PacificJerome2003
A Christmas CarolChorus2003
Les MiserablesGaveroche2004
The Adventures of Tom SawyerSid Sayer2004
The Music ManWinthrop2004
West Side StoryTiny Tony2004
Suessical the MusicalJoJo2005
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatBenjamen2005
Beauty and the BeastChorus2005
A Christmas CarolTiny Tim2005
My Fair LadyDoor Man2006
Anything GoesChing2006
Peter PanJohn2006
Secret GardenDickon2007
OliverPick Pocket2008
Jesus Christ SuperstarPeter2008
I Remember MamaSailor2008
Sweeney ToddChorus2008
A Christmas CarolGhost of Christmas Past2008
The Adventures of Tom SawyerTom Sawyer2009
Les MiserablesJean Valjean2009
Sweet CharityChorus2009
Beauty and the BeastLe Fou2009
AnnieJimmy McCracken2009
Suessical the MusicalWickersham Brother2009
Little Shop of HorrorsThe Voice of Audrey Two2009
Willy WonkaThe Candy Man2010
Into the WoodsJack2010
Guys and DollsNathan2010
Jekyll & HydeLord Proops2010
You're a Good Man Charlie BrownCharlie Brown2010
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream CoatJoseph2011


Being in a Musical Theatre group is more than just showing up and practice, you have to also build that sets and help with costumes. Everything that goes on there is a total group effort.

I enjoy the time that I get to spend with the people who I have grown up with at the Theatre as long as new friends I have met along the way. Without a doubt this is one of the most important aspects of my life!